Monday, June 4, 2012

Downloading Yahoo! data

One of the things I like best about Yahoo! Finance is the ability to download data from it to a spreadsheet.  Here's a page of tips on downloading Yahoo! data. As an example, I prepared this table of data from today, showing the lowest Price/Earnings ratio among S&P 500 stocks, based on estimated earnings for this year and the latest quoted price.

Ticker  Price      EPS    Name                 P/E
FSLR   $12.28    $4.08    First Solar, Inc.    3.0
HIG    $16.10    $3.63    Hartford Financia    4.4
LNC    $19.34    $4.11    Lincoln National     4.7
GT      $9.44    $1.96    Goodyear Tire & R    4.8
BBY    $18.22    $3.62    Best Buy Co., Inc    5.0
HPQ    $21.06    $4.07    Hewlett-Packard C    5.2
MET    $27.82    $5.22    MetLife, Inc. Com    5.3
CLF    $45.74    $8.40    Cliffs Natural Re    5.4
TSO    $22.17    $4.06    Tesoro Corporatio    5.5
VLO    $20.37    $3.72    Valero Energy Cor    5.5


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