Monday, April 30, 2012

That little-known stock AAPL

File:Apple with a bite taken out of it.pngApple (AAPL) is the largest stock by market capitalization, and probably the most talked about common stock these days.  Quarterly earnings were announced last week and they were very good.  It's had a few days to settle down now, time to see how it looks as a value stock.

AAPL $584
Est. earnings 2012 $46.87
Est, earnings 2013 $53.93
Book value: $109.63
Dividend: currently 0 but have announced a $10.60 annual dividend for later this year

Looks good to me!  A price/earnings ratio of 12, expected growth, and a return on investment of 45%.  My five year projection shows a price of $2,100 while collecting $112 in dividends.

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